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Oikos Program May - June 2013

Oikos Program May June 2013

During His time on earth Jesus gave clear instructions to the disciples, teaching them how to reach people.  In Luke 10 they were sent to find homes where the peace of God was accepted and dwelt. Jesus’ focus was a home open to the gospel. In Acts we see this in Cornelius, Lydia, the Phillipian jailer and Crispus all of whom accepted the gospel, and importantly, so did their households.  The key is this: they were lay people who shared with their circle of family and friends.

Avondale Memorial Personal Ministries invites you to join the Oikos Program in May and June for the purpose of sharing the gospel with your family and friends.

The Oikos Program has Finished!

Program and materials will be found below.

 DateStudy FocusPrayer FocusLeaderMaterials
1 May 21 Oikos overview and vision Wisdom for who to select Justin S  Presentation (PDF | PowerPoint)
2 May 23 Importance of Daily Devotions Wisdom for who to select Justin S  Study Notes (PDF | Word)
3 May 28 Christ’s Methods (part 1) Wisdom for who to select John H  Presentation (PDF | PowerPoint); Witnessing Notes
4 May 30 Christ’s Methods (part 2) Wisdom for who to select Matt P  Study Notes (PDF)
5 June 4 Global Rain Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of chosen contacts Jim B  Presentation (PDF | PowerPoint); Document (PDF | Word)
6 June 6 Our Need for the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of chosen contacts Danny M  Study Notes (PDF | Word)
7 June 11 Christ at the centre (part 1) Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of chosen contacts Horrie W  Study Notes (PDF | Word)
8 June 13 Christ at the centre (part 2) Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of chosen contacts Kyle M  Presentation (PDF | PowerPoint); Video 1; Video 2; Video 3; Video 4
9 June 18 Broaching the subject Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of chosen contacts Blake P  Study focused on John 9 and practical sharing testimonies
10 June 20 How to: Daniel 2 Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of chosen contacts Allan L  Study Notes (PDF | Word) Other Daniel 2 Notes (PDF)
11 June 25 How to: Second Coming Ongoing Bible Studies Daniel C  Study Notes (PDF) Study Notes (2) (PDF)
12 June 27 How to: Great Controversy Ongoing Bible Studies Ferna M  Study Notes (PDF)
13 July 2 How to: Salvation Ongoing Bible Studies Rui C  Presentation (PDF | PowerPoint)
14 July 4 Praise, Learnings and Testimonies Ongoing Bible Studies Breese R  N/A


The Oikos program is intended to facilitate lay evangelism by corporate prayer and together sharing with family and friends through Bible studies.


Meetings will be held in the Fellowship Hall.

Dates, Times

Tuesday and Thursday Nights, 7-8pm for 7 weeks commencing Tuesday May 21 and concluding Thursday July 4.


In summary, the program involves participates inviting 3-5 non-Christian friends or family members to personal Bible studies.

  1. The first three weeks will be devoted to prayer and study of the biblical method of personal evangelism;
  2. Weeks four and five will be devoted to prayer for the specific contacts prior to inviting them to Bible studies;
  3. The last two weeks will be focused on prayer for the studies taking place as well as training for giving Bible studies.


All church members are invited to participate irrespective of age or status.  Nursing home residents are invited to pray if they can’t participate; child minding will also be provided at the meetings.


Ellen White states it nicely: Church members, let the light shine forth. Let your voices be heard in humble prayer, in witness against intemperance, the folly and the amusements of this world, and in the proclamation of the truth for this time. Your voice, your influence, your time,—all these are gifts from God, and are to be used in winning souls to Christ.—Testimonies for the Church 9:38.

For more information contact Justin Stafford on 0413 007 050 or, or Breese Rickards on 0410 461 576 or