Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Avondale Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church





Teen Ministries
AMC has an active Teen Ministries division that runs programs and events specifically designed to encourage young people to learn more about God.  Further, it aims at developing and strengthening personal relationships in a fun environment.  Teen Ministries programs include: Teen-Youth Church, Friday night vespers (Freaky Friday), small-group Bible studies, social activities, etc.
Co-leaders: Helen Lindsay, Phil Lindsay 

Youth Ministries
AMC has an active Youth Ministries that runs a wide randge of programs for the Youth to learn more about God's love, and then share that with each other and the wider community. Programs Youth Ministries progams include Friday Night Vespers (Friday Night Hangout), small group Bible studies, social activities and community activities such as backyard clean ups, StormCo, etc.
If you are interested in learning more about Youth Ministries please feel free to get incontact with the church to find out more. The Youth Ministries division and sabbath school are run by the young people of the church.
Leader: Andrew Wishart

Youth Sabbath School
Youth SS runs every Saturday morning from 9:30am.  It consists of praise & worship, interactive games, and Bible study.  The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and open discussion is encouraged. We separate into two smaller groups of a sabbath to study the weekly lesson. The lessons we study are the Adult (for more of an indepth study) and cornerstone for a less indepth study.
Leader: Carl Thomson

Teen Sabbath School
Teen SS also runs every Saturday morning from 9:30am.  It too consists of praise & worship, interactive games, and Bible study.  This class is all about fun and connecting with others while learning practical, biblical lessons for life.
Leader: Desiree Szeszeran

STORMCO - Is an acronym for "Service to Others Really Matters".  This is a youth initiative of the South Pacific Division of the Adventist Church, which trains and sends young people to work for, learn from, and encourage individual commuities; sharing God's love by building bridges to all peoples through an adventure in service to others.  These trips are staffed mainly by local church young people who freely give of their holiday time and utilise their different gifts and abilities to make a difference in peoples lives.
Avondale Memorial will be sponsoring 4 trips/teams in 2013:
  • Lightning Ridge - 28 June - 7 July 2013
  • Glenn Innes - 20 - 29 September 2013
  • Tenterfield - 20 - 29 September 2013
  • Glen Innes/Tenterfield - 28 June - 7 July 2013
Leader: Chrys Martin