Daily Dozen Foods

25 Jan 2020

Daily Dozen Foods

Beans (legumes), berries, other fruits, flaxseeds, nuts, spices, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, leafy greens (especially dark varieties), other vegetables, whole grains, beverages (particularly water), exercise. 

Berries – the second item of the daily dozen Berries, including cherries and dark grapes are regarded as the healthiest of fruits. It is the antioxidants that give berries their colour. They offer nearly 10 times more antioxidants than other fruits and vegetables and exceed 50 times more than animal-based foods. These antioxidants offer potential protection against cancer, boost the immune system decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and defend our brains and liver against damage caused by free radicals. 

A study undertaken by Harvard University of 16,000 women found that women who consumed at least one serving of blueberries and two serving of strawberries each week had slower rates of cognitive decline by as much as two and a half years compared with those who didn’t eat any. Studies indicate that eating a handful of berries a day will help reduce the risk of our brains aging by at least 2 years. 

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