28 Mar 2020

Women Of The Bible

Study 11


Read – Joshua 2:1

*The large, strongly fortified city of Jericho was one of the most imposing fortifications in the land of Canaan. It was the key to the whole country and the first obstacle to conquer for the Israelites. Jericho was also a place of excessive idol worship and what went on within the walls was vile and degrading. Joshua sent out 2 men to spy out the city of Jericho, to gather any information they could, that would assist them with the impending battle. The 2 men’s lives were at great peril. The city was on high alert as they were well aware of the Israelite encampment that lay not far from their walls. Often families ran hotels/lodgings in the walls that surrounded the cities for travellers to stay. It was at one of these establishments that the spies found refuge

 “God’s Israel, for aught that appears, had but one friend, but one well-wisher in all Jericho, and that was Rahab a harlot. God has often served his own purposes and his church’s interests by men of different morals. Had these scouts gone to any other house than this they would certainly have been betrayed and put to death without mercy. But God knew where they had a friend that would be true to them, though they did not, and directed them thither. Thus that which seems to us most contingent and accidental is often over-ruled by the divine providence to serve its great ends.” Matthew Henry – Joshua 2:1

Read – Joshua 2:2-7

“By these stalks of flax, which she herself had lain in order upon the roof to dry in the sun, in order to the beating of it and making it ready for the wheel, it appears she had one of the good characters of the virtuous woman, however in others of them she might be deficient, that she sought wool and flax, and wrought willingly with her hands, Prov. 31:13 . From this instance of her honest industry one would hope that, whatever she had been formerly, she was not now a harlot.” Matthew Henry – Joshua 2:2-7

Read – Joshua 2:8-13

*The verses that we have just read are some of the most amazing faith verses in the Bible. Rahab and her family it seemed offered accommodation in the wall of the city. Verse 1 refers to Rahab as a harlot. Whether the type of job she had automatically labelled her as that, or perhaps her family had given her more than once to guests for their comfort and pleasure. We hope as the quote above tells us that this was something she had done in the past, as the flax on the roof indicated that perhaps she was earning some extra money in other ways. With providing accommodation in the city’s’ walls, Rahab would have heard of all of the news of the surrounding nations, as visitors travelling through, would have passed on information to them. The Hebrews wanderings had not gone unnoticed – they would have heard of the amazing things that God had done on their behalf. Something had stirred in Rahab’s heart, and amongst all the idol worship that she was surrounded with, she recognised that God was the One and Only true God. She told the spies that her and her fellow Canaanites were terrified of them! In faith, she asked the spies for protection for her and her family when they take the city, in exchange for her taking care of the spies at great personal risk.

Read – Joshua 2:14-21

* The spies and Rahab come to an arrangement that on the promise of Rahab keeping their visit a secret, they will save her and her family, but she must place a scarlet cord in her window, and they must all stay inside the home no matter what.

Read – Joshua 2:22-24 & James 2:25

*Rahab saved the spies lives by directing them to a place to hide for 3 days. Her testimony of faith was then carried back to the Israelite encampment which gave them the strength and encouragement to move forward.

Read – Joshua 6:16-22 & Hebrews 11:30-31

* In the great faith chapter in Hebrews 11 Rahab is mentioned! This is an amazing witness to her faith.

Read – Joshua 6:23-25 & Matthew 1:1-6

*Rahab and her family were rescued from the city of Jericho because of Rahab’s courage in hiding the spies. The genealogy in Matthew tells us that Rahab was the great, great, grandmother of King David!

The story of Rahab is an amazing story of God’s grace for His wandering children. God accepted Rahab into His family – in the line for Jesus to come! She was not of Hebrew descent. She was a heathen Canaanite – immersed in idol worship. But Rahab’s heart was stirred. She had heard of the wonderful things God had done for the Hebrew nation. She could see that what was going on in her own life, was not satisfying her soul. She wanted something better, and by faith, she turned her back on her past old life, and reached out in faith for the One and Only true God. This experience is available to everyone! When you study the story of Rahab and her amazing faith how has it impacted your faith? It’s something to think about!

Power Text – John 20:29

“Jesus said to him, “Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

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